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FunTrivia.com is the world's Trivia web leader. With the most trivia content of any site in the world and heavy, loyal traffic, FunTrivia.com is a perfect place to advertise trivia/gaming/entertainment related goods and services.

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Statistics as of Mar, 2007:

- FunTrivia.com:

  • was one of the first trivia sites on the web, created in 1994
  • has been awarded over 50 awards (and we have stopped keeping track), including awards on CNN, ABC News, Yahoo!, and in Woman's World magazine
  • can be found on the first page of most search engines under keywords such as 'trivia'.
  • has remained profitable through all of that dot com mess. we offer quality entertainment without the annoyance, commercialization, and hype of other web sites.

- FunTrivia.com has:

  • 1.8 million registered members of its trivia games
  • 40+ million monthly pageviews
  • over 1.7 million trivia questions online!
  • 90,000 trivia quizzes online, created by over 10,000 different visitors

- Demographics:

Here are some interesting FunTrivia demographics facts:

  • Over 60% of our visitors are in college or have college degrees
  • 57% of our visitors like the site enough to bookmark it
  • Over 60% of our visitors spend over 20 minutes on FunTrivia.com per visit