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Quiz Authoring Q&A
Jump to new posts Re: Is it OK? by MiraJane @ 8 minutes 57 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: jabb5076Although I wouldn't use a still missing child in a quiz myself, I do agree that, as long as nothing is sensationalized, there is nothing inherently wrong in the child's inclusion in a quiz. Wishing to censor anything tha
Jump to new posts Re: Team of the Year standings 2014 by bubblesfun @ Today at 01:56 PM

Much appreciated!
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Jump to new posts Re: F1 GP #14: Singapore, 21 September by dg_dave @ Today at 01:46 PM

Originally Posted By: BxBarracudaI'll take the spoon now then and see if someone can pry it from my hands. I think I'll have it anyway, Bx. I'm so far behind the rest of the field.
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Red=#1 Album Blue=New Entry or Re Entry into the Top 10 On this day September 21st 1997 this was the Top 10 Australian Albums 1:Tina Arena-In Deep 2:Hanson-Middle Of
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Jump to new posts Re: The last film you watched ... by agony @ Today at 08:46 AM

I like silents, too. The first one I ever watched was "Orphans of the Storm" with Lillian Gish trying to survive the French Revolution, and I was hooked.
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Red=#1 Single Blue-New Entry or Re Entry into the Top 10 On this day September 21st 1957 this was the Top 10 Australian Singles 1:Pat Boone-Love Letters In The Sand 2:Johnny Mathis-Wonderful Wonderful 3:Marty Robbins-A
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lol good one. Well, you know what they say: Two wrongs don't make a right. (but 3 lefts do) : )
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Jump to new posts Re: FLC [ 8 ] Sat 20th Sept by gtho4 @ Today at 06:15 AM

0-0 Watford v Bournemouth @ half time game kicked off at 12:15pm local time
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0-1 QPR v Stoke at the 27 minute mark
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Jump to new posts Re: NASCAR - Week 28 - Sun Sep 21st by BxBarracuda @ Today at 06:10 AM

Matt Kenseth Kyle Busch Brad Keselowski Brian Vickers
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Jump to new posts Re: College Football - Week 4 - Sat. Sept. 20th by BxBarracuda @ Today at 06:04 AM

A&M might not have to show up, they may bring some fans out of the stands to play, it's sad to see what has happened with SMU this year, even more of a surprise of how good Sumlin has the Aggies playing. Big News Note. Jameis Winston, the Hei
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Jump to new posts Re: CL T20 Cricket 2014 Round 3: Monday, Sept 22 by BxBarracuda @ Today at 05:46 AM

Dolphins (SA) v Chennai Super Kings (Ind) Hobart Hurricanes (Aus) v Northern Knights (NZl) Kolkata Knight Riders (Ind) v Perth Scorchers (Aus) Chennai Super Kings (Ind) v Lahore Lions (Pak) Barbados Tridents (WI) v Cape Cobras (SA) Kings XI Punjab (I
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Jump to new posts Re: NFL Week 3: Thu. Sep. 18 by BxBarracuda @ Today at 05:43 AM

San Diego Chargers vs. Buffalo Bills Dallas Cowboys vs. St. Louis Rams Washington Redskins vs. Philadelphia Eagles Houston Texans vs. New York Giants Minnesota Vikings vs. New Orleans Saints Tennessee Titans vs. Cincinnati Bengals Baltimore Ravens vs
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Jump to new posts Re: MLB Week 26: Sat. Sept. 20 by BxBarracuda @ Today at 05:41 AM

Boston Red Sox at Baltimore Orioles Chicago White Sox at Tampa Bay Rays Cincinnati Reds at St. Louis Cardinals Detroit Tigers at Kansas City Royals Milwaukee Brewers at Pittsburgh Pirates New York Mets at Atlanta Braves Philadelphia Phillies at Oakla
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Jump to new posts Re: FT-PL < 5 > Sat 20 Sept by BxBarracuda @ Today at 05:36 AM

Aston Villa v Arsenal Burnley v Sunderland Everton v Crystal Palace Leicester City v Manchester United Manchester City v Chelsea - DRAW Newcastle United v Hull City - DRAW Queens Park Rangers v Stoke City - DRAW Swansea City v Southampton Tottenham H
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Jump to new posts Re: September Photo a Day by Howie72 @ Today at 04:18 AM

Motuariki Island in Lake Tekapo, known for very large pine cones (last one I saw was over 20cm in diameter and 35cm in length). Unfortunately 3 people from the UK accidently started a fire in January this year which burnt 90% of the island.
Jump to new posts Re: Highlighting wrong team by MiraJane @ Today at 01:03 AM

*Yawn* Streeeetch -claws at furniture- We, the Cats, have become bored with playing with that silly green ribbon. We will let other teams use it for a while because We know We are Supreme. For the lesser species that may not understand the above (h
Sports Stadium
Jump to new posts Re: NRL 2014 by wwe84 @ Yesterday at 10:48 PM

1st Prelim Final South Sydney Rabbitohs vs Sydney Roosters 2nd Prelim Final Penrith Panthers vs Canterbury Bulldogs
The World Around Us
Jump to new posts Re: Homework - At what age did you start being set it? by Jakeroo @ Yesterday at 10:38 PM

Personally, I don't have an "issue" with kids being given homework (other than it probably shouldn't be "graded" until a certain grade level, but if there are no "assignments", where is the "gauge" on whether t
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Jump to new posts Re: Photo Chain 2 - Only one entry a week please. by Jakeroo @ Yesterday at 09:40 PM

Wow. Zorba: did you manage to capture a semblance of the Sword of Gabriel along with your picture of the church? : )
Jump to new posts Re: Who Am I - Content Issues by looney_tunes @ Yesterday at 09:08 PM

Updated this morning - I will add your second painting to the description.
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Jump to new posts Re: Will Scotland Vote For Independence? by Jakeroo @ Yesterday at 08:05 PM

Sigh. As for the roadkill thing, I was being facetious. Perhaps the people from the other side of the pond who commented might have found it funnier if I had started singing Monty Python's "I'm a Lumberjack and I don't care" instead lol.
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Jump to new posts Re: New Theme for September by spanishliz @ Yesterday at 07:46 PM

I took some photos of a pair of jets tootling about overhead earlier this week, but they really don't show up very well, so here's my old friend down by the river (on the same day) looking for fish. He does fly, just not in this picture.
Quiz Authoring Q&A
Jump to new posts Re: Correction Notice by sue943 @ Yesterday at 04:57 PM

The account has been closed.
FunTrivia Interviews
Jump to new posts Re: Interview with MadMartha by guitargoddess @ Yesterday at 03:33 PM

Great interview! You're a very interesting person!
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