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#100449 - Sun Apr 01 2001 09:48 AM Shoo flea don't bother me
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They're back! It's that time of year again when fleas are at their worst. As loving pet owners, we'd do anything to prevent our pets from suffering. After all, they're part of the family. Yet every year when flea season begins, the suffering sets in. It's like an old broken record. Fleas bite, and the scratching and chewing starts again. It's a painful and irritating routine for us and our pet(s).

Please share all your tips on flea control.

The following is a excellent tip that StevieRay share with us awhile back:

I used to have a Springer Spaniel that would get fleas all the time in the summer. He loved to roll around outside so it was inevitable. We were told that we'd have to treat the entire lawn to prevent him from getting fleas. Since I have 3 small kids I didn't think that was an acceptable solution. The only viable solution was to get him groomed and dipped regularly and get pills from the vet. One thing for sure - DO NOT let the dog in the house right after he's treated for fleas. When the fleas start 'moving out' the first place they'll head is the carpet. We made that mistake once - and never again. - StevieRay

Thanks SteveiRay for the great tip!

#100450 - Tue Apr 03 2001 11:45 PM Re: Shoo flea don't bother me
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Don't forget folks when you treat your pet for fleas, remember to treat their beds/favourite sleeping places as well..

eggs often lay dormant there and will reinfect your pet very quickley!!

#100451 - Tue Apr 03 2001 12:07 PM Re: Shoo flea don't bother me
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(NOTE: Products mentioned below are just ones I've seen or used. This post is NOT intended to promote a particular product or service. Just personal experience only.)

My boy and I have had excellent luck with Program. Comes in two forms - liquid that you mix in with the food or a pill.

Our new vet, though, doesn't favor it as much as Advantage. And, I do have to say that it's proving to be very good, too. Just squeeze the liquid out on the back of the neck once a month.

I haven't done it (don't have the kind of floor type that it would work with), but I've known several people who have tried that service that comes out and treats hardwood floors with a certain powdery chemical. It's di(whatchamacallit) dirt - supposedly, you can also find it in aquarium stores. Anyway, it gets into the cracks in the floor and then sucks the moisture out of the flea - causing it to die.

Everyone here is right though - you've got to treat the whole environment, not just the pet itself. Those suckers hide everywhere!

But, DO make sure you do something to treat the fleas. Fleas lead to tapeworms. And, you have one bout of those icky, rice-looking, squirmy things around, and you'll never want another flea near your house again. Plus, tapeworm treatment for a pet can get very expensive after a while.

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#100452 - Wed Apr 04 2001 04:07 PM Re: Shoo flea don't bother me
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If you have outside carpert where fleas love to hide, sprinkle generous amounts salt on the carpet, as well as on the pet. This is an effient, cheap, and kid-safe way to drive those annoying things out!
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