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#100455 - Mon Apr 02 2001 05:34 PM cell phones
cruella Offline

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could someone give me some advice on a reasonably priced but decent prepaid cell phone i could purchase?

#100456 - Mon Apr 02 2001 08:23 PM Re: cell phones
ladymacb29 Offline

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First of all, I LOVE your nickname! 102 comes out tomorrow!

Anyway, I don't know what cell phone providers are near you but Verizon has a pre-paid card thing that I have. It's $100 which includes a $30 card. You keep the phone if you stop the service. I know there are others that do the same thing because I've seen them all over the place.

My suggestion is to go to an eletronics store like Best Buy or go to the mall and ask them about it. The prices will all probably be around the same price because there's such tight competition.

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#100457 - Thu May 03 2001 08:26 AM Re: cell phones
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Calling all cell phone users in hopes to get more information for cruella.

#100458 - Thu May 03 2001 08:35 AM Re: cell phones
Pling Offline

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I'd love to help.....but I am no use in the UK....sorry

#100459 - Thu May 03 2001 12:24 PM Re: cell phones
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My brother has one that doesn't charge extra for long distance calls so he uses his cell phone for all long distance calls even when he's at home. That saves him money on his regular phone bill which offsets the cost of the cell. Something to think about...

(I can't remember the company he has his service with but it's the one with that annoying commercial where the woman is all crying and upset cause her husbands phone has static on it when he calls her.)

OOPS...just reread Cruella's original post and saw the "prepaid" part. I don't think this one is prepaid. Sorry.

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#100460 - Thu May 03 2001 10:50 PM Re: cell phones
fjohn Offline

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I'm confused (as usual). What is a pre-paid cell phone? We had an Oki bag phone for 10 years and traded up because the server went digital. The old Oki was analog. AT&T gave us a new Ericsson phone FREE just to get us to use AT&T service. It's worth asking around.
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