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#100566 - Fri Apr 20 2001 11:13 PM Do you or somone you know snore?
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Do you or anyone you know snore? Do you wake up in the middle of night with the walls practically shaking the sound of someone snoring so loud, and it sounds like a freight train coming? Do you have to sleep in another room at times, just to get some sleep? If so, please share your tips and stories with us.

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#100567 - Fri Apr 20 2001 02:56 PM Re: Do you or somone you know snore?
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My hubby is a big time snorer. My daughter says he sleeps with a chain saw in his mouth! He starts snoring instantly upon falling alseep. I tease him and tell him he snores even when he blinks.

If I get to sleep before him it usually doesn't bother me but when he does wake me up or keep me awake, I give him a good elbowing...Hey if I can't sleep, why should he? I read in Woman's Day or something one time that it was perfectly OK to ask your snoring spouse to go sleep in another room. It hasn't come to that at our house yet, thank goodness!

My neighbor bought her husband some of that snore stopping spray stuff off TV and she swears by it! She says he hasn't snored the first time since he started using it...seems too easy to me!? Just be careful if you do buy it...about a month after she ordered it another charge for $90 worth of herbal products showed up on her credit card. They spent forever tracking down the charge and found out it originated with the snore stuff people...They claimed she okayed the charge by ordering the snore stuff...One of those cases of where if you don't specifically say "NO" you mean yes.

#100568 - Fri Apr 20 2001 09:19 PM Re: Do you or somone you know snore?
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My friend insist on seperate hotel rooms from now on when we vacation. She says I snore like a dragon with a sinus condition.

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#100569 - Fri Apr 20 2001 11:16 PM Re: Do you or somone you know snore?
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My sister snores like you wouldn't believe!!!!!! What do I do? Well, I found that the only thing that works is ear plugs! My Fiance' gave me the ones he got to use in the field, but he doesn't need them. Oh dear, what if he snores?!?!?!
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