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#100570 - Tue Apr 24 2001 11:56 PM Does anyone still use Witch Hazel?
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Witch Hazel has been around for as long as I can remember. It is inexpensive and can purchased at any drug store. Did you know that there are many uses for it from head to toe? Here are a few:

Blemishes: Mix witch hazel and a few drops of Tea Tree oil and wipe over the face twice a day to control oil, and blemishes.

Use Witch hazel straight as an astringent to keep pores clean and to shrink them.

Mix witch Hazel in a spray bottle with 5 drops of peppermint oil to use as a bug repellent when outdoors. Spray on. Witch Hazel can be applied to bug bites to take the itch away also.

Witch Hazel can cool tired feet and when mixed with peppermint or Eucalyptus oil, can soothe tired muscles.

#100571 - Wed Apr 25 2001 03:49 AM Re: Does anyone still use Witch Hazel?
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My mum always used to dab Witch Hazel on my knees whenever I had fallen over as a child. She said it was good for bringing any bruising out so that they would heel quicker.

#100572 - Wed Apr 25 2001 08:16 AM Re: Does anyone still use Witch Hazel?
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It's a delicate subject, but for those who have this trouble...Witch Hazel is the number one recommendation for hemmorroids. In fact, if you look on most over the counter products (like Prep H ointment), you'll see it as the first ingredient.
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#100573 - Sun Apr 29 2001 05:47 AM Re: Does anyone still use Witch Hazel?
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I remember Mum used to always keep a bottle under the sink for 'emergencies'. But nowadays I have discovered that I get a dermatological effect (ie rash!!) when I use it. Or maybe the chemicals in it have changed (or maybe it is my skin)...


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