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#100716 - Tue Aug 07 2001 08:24 PM How did you stop your bad habits?
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Got the idea from fay_mc's thread. Maybe we can help each other out

NAILS - my 5th grade teacher started a "NailBiters Club" ... I joined, even though I'm pretty sure what I had would no longer have qualified as being "nails" The idea is this: for two weeks you bite the nails on one hand only. After the two weeks, one finger only. Two weeks later, it's cold turkey. It seems a little harsh, the last step, but it's really not. I don't know about you but my nails grow nothing in two weeks, so it's not like there was anything left to bite for about a week and a half before I was meant to totally quit. That was 9 years ago, and I've not bit them since... (EXAM TIME DOESN'T COUNT, I SAY!!!!)

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#100717 - Thu Aug 09 2001 03:30 AM Re: How did you stop your bad habits?
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oh, sorry, can't help out here! I've still got all my bad habits *singing* Can't help myself ... bad habits....

But if anyone has some good tips on giving up smoking, come on down!

#100718 - Thu Aug 09 2001 12:42 PM Re: How did you stop your bad habits?
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I just have to post here, I have quit nailbiting AND smoking! The nailbiting was after about 45 years, I have been stopped for about 6 or 7 years so I guess that you could say that it is permanent. The smoking was after well over 30 years and has been for over a year.... yes, that makes me a non-smoker now.

The easiest way of giving up anything has to be the desire to give up, a deep underlying desire. Thinking that one SHOULD give up is not enough, to be nagged or bribed is not enough... you need to want to do it. I would suggest holding back giving up until the desire to stop is great enough.

With my nailbiting (and mine were some of the most disgusting looking nails out - to within about one fifth of an inch / 5 mm of the cuticle.... that is disgustingly short) I hid them for more years than I can say, I kept looking at them and hated them then finally one day I said to myself (to no one else) that enough was enough.... no more biting, ever. I had bought some rings but couldn't wear them, I was then determined to stop. I bought some false nails to cover mine for 48 hours, just as a reminder. I now have strong nails which rarely break and lots and lots of rings

As for the smoking, I enjoyed it but realised that I ought to give up, in fact if it were not for the fact that my smoking annoyed my ex mother-in-law I might have given p years earlier. To myself I said that if the doctor ever told me that there was a specific reason to give up, as opposed to 'smoking is not good for your health' then I would stop. I was diagnosed as diabetic and the doctor said that the chance of complications was doubled for smokers, that was it... cold turkey. The way that I was able to do it was to tell myself that I wasn't actually giving up, just delaying having the next one. I keep some old stale cigarettes in the house and a lighter so I know that if I want one I can have one... my last one was in March 2000. If you told me that I could never have another I would crave and think of nothing else, this way it is my choice not to have one 'just at the moment'.

It works for me, hopefully it might for others.

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