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#1007368 - Wed Aug 28 2013 03:56 PM Invalid question
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I have again come across this question, this time in the Daily Trivia Game. I have sent a CN for it a few times, and still it remains. It is from a QQ, not a quiz.

What is unusual about the Genesee River in New York?
Your answer: It flows south to north

It is unusual for a river to run south to north, but there are examples worldwide. Some notable rivers that exhibit this characteristic are the Nile, Bighorn, Niagara, and the Wilamette.

If you look at any map or atlas, you will see countless rivers flowing north, on the north shore of any continent or land mass. This is NOT an unusual thing by any stretch. How is this question valid?

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#1007392 - Wed Aug 28 2013 05:45 PM Re: Invalid question
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One of many sources that are easily found to back you up -

"Direction of rivers has less to do with magnetic forces than gravity, topography and geomorphology. As the source of a river is higher than the mouth, it will follow a path of least resistance along its course. In my assessment of the world’s rivers, excluding small ones and those with no clear pattern, I identified more than 245 rivers that flow north."
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