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#100739 - Fri Jun 29 2001 02:37 PM 10-10- this, 10-10 that
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Oh, it is all too confusing. I need a good long distance telephone plan to help me save money. Lately my phone bill has been outragious, and with all the long distance plans out there, I don't know where to start. I am looking for a plan in the Unites States, but feel free to add your tips about services in the country you live in to help others in your neck of the woods. If you have had a bad experience with a company, such as that fine print that they didn't tell you about (grrr) please add them as well, so that we can mark those babies off the list.

#100740 - Fri Jun 29 2001 08:28 PM Re: 10-10- this, 10-10 that
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I have heard that all of those plans are a load of B.S.!
How many phone companies do you have in your area? You might be able to take advantage of the competitiveness between them.

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#100741 - Fri Jun 29 2001 10:04 PM Re: 10-10- this, 10-10 that
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JoJo, my best friend's daughter has a cell phone plan that lets her call my friend (who lives in Florida-we live in Wis.) for a flat rate each month. She can call anytime. Missy (that's my friend) says it is so much cheaper. I have never used a cell phone, so don't know much about them, but I know if I call my dad in Texas or Missy, it costs a fortune by regular phone. Good luck. I agree with scibug, most of the plans here are rip-offs, but as they say, it's the only game in town. gammab

#100742 - Sat Jun 30 2001 10:21 AM Re: 10-10- this, 10-10 that
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I agree that we are all captive to one phone company for local calls. Long distance calling is another matter. I use AT&T One Rate, which may or may not be the cheapest but I'm happy with paying less than 10 cents per minute.
Cell phones seem to be much cheaper to use than the hard-wired variety. If I lived in a large city, I would consider replacing the hard-wired phone with a cell phone.
Does anyone have experience with changing over exclusively to a cell phone?
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#100743 - Sat Jun 30 2001 10:27 AM Re: 10-10- this, 10-10 that
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Like fjohn we have AT&T One Rate and are very pleased with it, granted however we don't make a lot of long distance calls. We had MCI at one time but seemed to get that "All circuits are busy" message frequently when trying to call out.

My brother and his wife have regular phone service at their home but use only their cell phone for long distance calls...I'm not sure what company they use but they get free long distance, calls just count against their monthly allotment of minutes.


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