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#100809 - Sat Jul 07 2001 03:54 PM Helpful Hints from Heloise
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Do all of you know who Heloise is? If not, here's her website, so you can get an idea (perhaps those of you in other countries have a "Heloise" of your own?).:

Helpful Hints From Heloise

She gives helpful hints on just about everything you can imagine! How to get stains out of clothes, how to keep your dog from scratching fleas, how to clean the toilet, etc. You name it, Heloise has a helpful hint about it! Usually, they are "Hey! Wow, I never thought to do THAT before, but it works!" things.

I was just wondering what your favorite Heloise Hint was. What have you learned to do from her that has saved you time, money, stress, headaches,....

As an example, here's today's hint from her website: "If you discover a nick in a white porcelain sink, you can quick-fix it by covering the area with typewriter correction fluid (use one that's not water soluble)."

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#100810 - Sat Jul 07 2001 04:23 PM Re: Helpful Hints from Heloise
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Wow... the biggest trick is how Heloise can look like she's 21 years old, and I know my grandmother quotes some of her tips regularly.

If she sold THAT trick, she'd be a trillionaire!

#100811 - Sat Jul 28 2001 09:30 PM Re: Helpful Hints from Heloise
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Use hairspray to get ink stains out of clothes !! It really works !!!
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