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#1009176 - Fri Sep 06 2013 08:47 AM 195 Bus Ride
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Your instructions are that it is not timed and we can google search or ask someone However today for the Libya one, it is timed, it gives you a few seconds to read the questions then answers pop up and gives you another few seconds.

Please unconfuse me. Thanks smilee

#1009177 - Fri Sep 06 2013 08:57 AM Re: 195 Bus Ride [Re: Bellelady]
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When you click on a quiz, you will some options of which mode to play the game in. There are 3 options: quiz mode, HTML mode and untimed mode. The last two are untimed. The other one is the mode you experienced - you gain points based on the speed and accuracy of your answering.

You clicked the wrong mode when you were at the above page. Click "HTML mode" instead.
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#1009236 - Fri Sep 06 2013 12:06 PM Re: 195 Bus Ride [Re: Bellelady]
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Does it give you credit if you play in one of the other modes and score the required minimum? I can't remember if I added that or not...

#1009245 - Fri Sep 06 2013 01:02 PM Re: 195 Bus Ride [Re: Bellelady]
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"Congratulations, you just earned 200 bonus points on today's Bus Visit!"

Yes, it does. smile
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