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#101061 - Thu Dec 27 2001 09:00 PM Shrink Wrap Weather Stripping
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For you cost conscious types,

I have used a couple of products to help insulate my apartment, which is very drafty. In particular the clear shrink wrap that goes over the windows. I have found the 3M brand version of this product works quite well, becoming very clear after shrinking with a hair dryer. I have also used a brand called Frost King which does the job, but wrinkles formed in the film during extrusion at the factory do not come out after shrinking. If you are a nut like myself, anything that diminishes the view from your window is a severe no no. For my money 3M is the way to go, but both products GREATLY reduce the draft through poorly insulated windows.

I hope mentioning brand names is not taboo, but if it is, then I guess I will hear from the moderator.

Good luck making your home more comfortable.


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#101062 - Fri Dec 28 2001 01:30 PM Re: Shrink Wrap Weather Stripping
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The 3M product has been around for many years and is a superior window film. They claim that it can be reused, but I wouldn't want to attempt it. It definitely stops drafts and is crystal clear.
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