Okay gang.. a few of you will be needing this soon!! Just remember to play safe on New Year's Eve!

"The only sure-fire way to avoid a hangover is to abstain. And, in an ideal world we'd all have incredible will power and we'd all know when to stop. But peer pressure or simply getting carried away by a great party atmosphere can make it difficult to say no.

The next best thing to abstinence is responsible drinking:

*order bottles of water at your restaurant table. Try to drink one glass of water for every alcoholic drink you have
*don't mix alcoholic drinks. Stick to wine or lager rather than sprits and heavier beers
*with beers it's best to choose iced bottled beers as they have fewer toxins
*faced with a choice of red or white wine - red wine usually creates a worse hangover, but a quality red is usually better than a nasty white…
*if you drink shorts, have them with non-fizzy mixers - the bubbles in lemonade for example, make the body absorb the alcohol more quickly
*take a multivitamin and drink at least a pint of water before you go to bed after your night out. If you wake in the night, drink more water
*Remember that the Government recommends a maximum limit of 28 units of alcohol for men and 21 for women each week - and not in one go.

*tomato, the acid can upset your stomach further.
*Aspirin: it can irritate your stomach
*Paracetamol: it can be toxic to the liver after drinking large quantities of alcohol
*Hair of the dog, tea or coffee as they all have diuretic properties and will make you more dehydrated Plenty of fluids, especially water or other soft drinks
*Driving (duh)

But just in case you swear by the hair of the dog as a hangover cure, try these...
Bloody Mary
1.5 oz vodka
Dash of lemon (or lime) juice
Worcestershire sauce
2 or 3 drops Tabasco sauce
Pepper, salt and celery salt
5 oz tomato juice
Over ice in a tall glass add spices, then vodka.
Fill with tomato juice and stir.
Garnish with celery stick and lime wedge.

Banana Cow
1 crushed ripe banana
2 level tablespoons powdered sugar
3 oz milk
1 1/2 oz rum
Plenty of cracked ice
Mix together in a blender and drink.