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#101084 - Sat Jan 19 2002 03:10 PM Quick Cleaning
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Quick Cleaning

Learn to top clean. Put the breakfast dishes in the sink with hot water and detergent to soak. Next make the beds, pick up papers and empty ash trays into a large bag that you should always carry with you. Next douse toilet tissue with rubbing alcohol and wipe the bathroom fixtures. Use a carpet sweeper and hit the middle of the floor, take a feather duster to the coffee table and end tables, then go back and do the dishes.Next have a cup of coffee and go get on the internet..

For women who hate housework the following items are a must. Feather duster, carpet sweeper, a chamois (to wipe mirrors and glass), dusting rag (an old wash cloth works well), oiled rag, and a paper sack. When you use your dust cloth sprinkle a few drops of water on it. This allows you to dust twice as fast and it also removes spots.

#101085 - Tue Jan 22 2002 10:28 PM Re: Quick Cleaning
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Great tips gilly !!!
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