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#101097 - Tue Feb 05 2002 01:38 AM Travel Tips-Packing
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Another Use for Cardboard - For those using any size suitcase: (1) put your luggage over a large piece of cardboard, trace the outline then cut (2) first pack shoes, toiletries, hard items, anything except clothing (3) layer on the cardboard divider (4)lay your clothes FLAT on the cardboard. This way you can LIFT the divider+clothes neatly away to pack/unpack additional things, and you can present your belongings for airport inspection without hassle.
(Added by Winnie Roque del Castillo on 20-Apr-2001) ID21

Doing Laundry While You Travel - When traveling to areas where you may not have access to a washing machine or laundry service, it is important that you bring with you some kind of either shampoo or liquid laundry detergent (you'll only use about 4 ounces in a month in most cases), along with a clothes line and clothes pins. This saves money and time spent trying to find facilities.
(Added by Melinda McGucken on 27-Sep-2001) ID353

Dryer Sheets - Pack a dryer sheet in your suitcase for long flights - this helps to eliminate that 'airplane odor'. Pack a sheet even if you don't fly, and you'll have a 'just washed' air to your clothes when you unpack.
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Empty Film Containers, Sewing Thread - Collect empty film-containers!!! They are SO useful. I've collected them, and then I use them to bring small amounts of pins/safety pins, hair clips, yes - even TOOTHPASTE! The containers keep the items dry and safe. (Toothpaste will keep fresh.) Also, rolls with bills and coins fit into the containers.

Another good tip: Before travelling be sure to bring some thread in the same colors as your clothes; take a small piece of cardboard and wrap the thread around it. Keep extra buttons, needles and thread in an empty film container. This will always be handy to have, for small repairs.
(Added by Sofia Lokke, Norway on 1-Nov-2001) ID370

Mini Bottles Are Best - For short breaks, and to save carrying around a large shampoo bottle, pour some into a mini bubble/foam bath bottle (of the type found in hotel bathrooms).
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#101098 - Tue Feb 05 2002 07:44 AM Re: Travel Tips-Packing
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thanx 4 all these tips gillyharold,

i am travelling long distance twice this year, so i will take ur advice !!!

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#101099 - Sat Feb 09 2002 06:41 PM Re: Travel Tips-Packing
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Thanks a bunch. I'm going to London and several places in Ireland this summer (it's my first time out of the USA) and I can use all the little nifty packing tips I can get!
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#101100 - Sun Feb 10 2002 09:06 AM Re: Travel Tips-Packing
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I'm not sure I saw the one about putting things in separate plastic bags. I've done this to organize my bag. Once we had a suitcase burst on the conveyor belt and boy am I glad I did!
I like to put shirts in one, pants in the other. I fold them and tuck them in.

I love those little toiletries bags with things that hold bottles of cosmetics and stuff too.

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#101101 - Sun Mar 17 2002 03:11 PM Re: Travel Tips-Packing
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If you are someone who likes to bring loads of stuff back with you from holiday - it is a good tip to pack one suitcase inside the other (so outward bound your clothes are encased within two suitcaes and homeward bound you have an extra suitcase to pack your new goodies).


#101102 - Fri Apr 05 2002 03:21 PM Re: Travel Tips-Packing
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Oh, I want to add something to the clothes washing one...

To dry your clothes (this doesn't work well for fabrics like denim), get a towel and put your shirt (or whatever) in the middle. Fold the towel around it. Now, the fun part: Don't do this late at night in a hotel because it may disturb the people below you. In your barefeet, stand in the middle of the towel and either 'twist' or stamp on the towel. The clothes don't get bone dry, but it cuts down on the time needed hanging.
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#101103 - Sun Apr 07 2002 10:58 AM Re: Travel Tips-Packing
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I am a list person when packing. It can be started some time before you leave then you can add to it as you think of items. This time I did it a a mini-spreadsheet, four columns, quantity, item, hand baggage and main baggage. I enter the items and in the method columns I put an 'x' , sort the items and you end up with a list for hand baggage and a list for main baggage, you can leave your packing until the last minute as you know exactly what you need to pack and where it should be placed.

Just a word of caution if you haven't flown since 9/11.... remove items from your handbag/purse such as nail files, screwdrivers, nail scissors, penknives and for the ladies, don't pack your knitting in your hand baggage ...... they confiscate items, for good.
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#101104 - Sun Apr 07 2002 08:08 PM Re: Travel Tips-Packing
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editing because I basically repeated what sue said... I SWEAR she had said something different!

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