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#101422 - Mon Jun 10 2002 04:25 PM My Shirt is ruined!!!!!
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I just got a new shirt on Thursday of last week, and when my mom washed it-hand wash, the red sleaves got some of the red onto the main section of the rest of the white t-shirt! [Eek!] I was completly devested because it happend yesterday night. Can anyone sugguest ways in which I could remove the red marks on the white section and still be able to save my new and beloved t-shirt?? [Frown] [Confused] [Frown]
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#101423 - Mon Jun 10 2002 05:33 PM Re: My Shirt is ruined!!!!!
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My suggestion janie is to read the post on use's for vinegar.

It suggests using white vinegar to remove stains, good luck.

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#101424 - Mon Jun 10 2002 07:13 PM Re: My Shirt is ruined!!!!!
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...or you can dye the whole thing red, which would probably produce two different reds, if it's totally unsalvageable....or even black or blue! [Frown]

#101425 - Sun Jun 30 2002 09:07 AM Re: My Shirt is ruined!!!!!
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If the garment's instructions said it was hand-washable and your mother adhered to the instructions I should take it back to the shop and ask for a refund. If it was dry clean only and your mother washed it you have no claim.
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#101426 - Sun Jun 30 2002 03:06 PM Re: My Shirt is ruined!!!!!
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Darn, I'm too late! I was going to respond just as Sue did - that if you washed it according to directions, you can get a replacement from the store.

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