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#101432 - Wed Jun 12 2002 11:43 PM A dryer warning!
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Don’t put just anything in the tumble-dryer. Some clothes can go a really funny shape. This happened to a pair of Mrs TW’s leggings that I put in the dryer so I speak from experience!

I knew I’d done something wrong when I wandered into the bedroom and she was holding up the leggings. They had changed shape beyond recognition. One leg was really short and the other had gone all baggy. The seam was visible at the front of the leg instead of at the side where it should be.

She asked if I’d put them in the tumble-dryer. I tried to look innocent, as I defensively lied that I hadn’t, although it was obvious that I had! …And I did remember something red being in with the towels, which must have been the leggings (Oops!).

“Hmm …whatever” she said “You might as well use these as a rag now. They’re no good for anything else.” I sloped off, leggings in hand, trying (but failing) to stretch the short leg out a bit.

On a list of bad things to do, ranging from one to ten, this error probably scores nine. It even outdoes filling the kettle whilst she’s having a shower. That does funny things to the water pressure and the water gets too hot. Overdoing the softening of the butter in the microwave oven is apparently nothing compared to putting leggings in the tumble-dryer.

Oh well, I expect she’ll forgive me in the end and I needed some clean rag anyway!
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#101433 - Wed Jun 12 2002 11:55 PM Re: A dryer warning!
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I must remember to keep Jack away from this thread, he's always asking for something to use for rag and I don't want him getting ideas! [Smile]

My biggest thing is when I wash tissues that were left in pockets. That is the biggest pain in the you know where and no matter how many gadgets you use they never really get it all off. The best one is to put masking tape the wrong way around your hand and get it off that way.


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