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#1017097 - Wed Oct 23 2013 11:01 AM Quiz Questions/Single Questions
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I recently had a quiz placed on-line about the Ealing comedies. I had some questions left over at the time, one of which I thought would make a good stand-alone question, and which I subsequently re-worded and then submitted. A day or so later it had been rejected by the editors, the reason given was that because I had recently had my quiz placed on-line, I was repeating myself (the fact that the quiz didn't refer to this question per se made no difference).

Anyway, I accepted the decision and deleted the question. I now have another question for you:

In addition to my general Ealing comedy quiz (which has proved to be relatively popular I think) I have decided that each of the most popular films in the series warrants a quiz all of its own. I have so far almost completed three, ten question quizzes and have another three in embryonic form. None of the questions in any of these quizzes is a repeat of any that can be found in my general quiz,so will this affect the likelihood that any of my quizzes might be rejected?

I hope not as I've put an awful lot of research and effort into them!

#1017130 - Wed Oct 23 2013 02:44 PM Re: Quiz Questions/Single Questions
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As long as you have all new questions and new info in each quiz, you should be fine.
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#1017134 - Wed Oct 23 2013 02:55 PM Re: Quiz Questions/Single Questions
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As guitargoddess said, as long as the questions and info don't repeat what you have asked in the general Ealing quiz all should be fine. I'll look forward to seeing your quizzes in the queue.

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#1017157 - Wed Oct 23 2013 05:06 PM Re: Quiz Questions/Single Questions
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As the editor who both put the quiz online and rejected the question I should speak up here.
I felt that the question was too similar to one of the questions in the queue. Specifically what jumped out at me was the movie plot description, which was very close to word for word. This is what I was responding to.
If I was misremembering, then I apologise.
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