In a thread of some time ago, you wrote that the bouncing banner ads on the bottom of the screen (at least that's wherer they usually settle on) should not
appear on a question screen for timed quizzes.

Well the ones for iTunes do. The Springsteen ad was annoying. The one after that wasn't as bad. But the new one for Enrique Iglesias is maddening!

The tiny little x to get rid of the ad is so small that invariably the screen then goes to full page ad. And to try and get back to quiz usually results in "you've already submitted this quiz!" the same happy phrase appears if I'm trying to read the answers, if I have managed to hit the tiny x correctly when taking the quiz. Okay, that didn't make sense.

If I manage to get rid of the ad while taking the quiz, it reappears on the answer screen. But when I try to read the answers between the bouncing banner and attempt to get rid of it but end up with the full page ad, I cannot go back to read the answers. The "you've already played in this tournament!" message appears.

And you asked to be informed of which ads show up on the question screens.

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