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#1020065 - Sat Nov 09 2013 11:59 PM New Question Game Issue
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Not sure where to put this... there doesn't seem to be a New Question Game - Content Issues thread.

In Question Set 8 today, there were three celebrity-type questions and three sports questions out of 10 total. Isn't it supposed to be more varied than that?

#1020109 - Sun Nov 10 2013 09:03 AM Re: New Question Game Issue [Re: HairyBear]
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It would be nice to think so...
I changed my mind again...

#1020111 - Sun Nov 10 2013 09:30 AM Re: New Question Game Issue [Re: HairyBear]
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It depends what questions were submitted when though. The system can't give you, say, a Religion question if there aren't any waiting to be played.
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#1020120 - Sun Nov 10 2013 09:44 AM Re: New Question Game Issue [Re: HairyBear]
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Yes, it's mostly based on what comes down the chute.

Which is why, when you submit five questions about the Beatles, you will see that they don't all get approved the same day - if the editors notice a similarity, they'll try to put a bit of space between questions on the same subject.


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