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#1021264 - Sat Nov 16 2013 03:45 PM Weekly crossword puzzle
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When I was trying to do it, and had to be away for less than half an hour, when I came back the crossword was blank with only on exclamation mark in a circle in the middle where the crossword should be.

So, I closed it out and tried opening everything again, including Fun Trivia. I've done that twice. The crossword is still nothing but blank with an exclamation mark.

Anyone have any ideas?


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#1021271 - Sat Nov 16 2013 04:09 PM Re: Weekly crossword puzzle [Re: habitsowner]
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I get that sometimes when I'm playing Angry Birds on Facebook. It means the plug-in used to play the game has crashed on my computer, and I'm guessing something similar has happened to you.

#1021274 - Sat Nov 16 2013 04:13 PM Re: Weekly crossword puzzle [Re: habitsowner]
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That incident, your posting here with all the space and the problem you have stated in another thread indicates either your processor or browser is about to fade away or you have a stuck key on your keyboard or some such failure that will probably be getting worse. Are you using an old IE browser that may not be supported anymore?

Edit: Habitsowner's original posting took up two vertical screens worth of space, i.e., about 30 carriage returns (CR) then the post, then another 30 CRs to end the posting.

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