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#1024398 - Thu Dec 05 2013 04:04 PM RIP Nelson Mandela
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Nelson Mandela has died, aged 95. What an incredible man. RIP.
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#1024405 - Thu Dec 05 2013 04:41 PM Re: RIP Nelson Mandela
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Nelson Mandela was one of the greatest human beings we will ever be privileged to see. As a Politician his honesty, his dignity, his moral compass stand as a beacon of light. South Africa has, in a very real way, lost their father.

RIP Nelson Mandela

#1024407 - Thu Dec 05 2013 04:46 PM Re: RIP Nelson Mandela
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A sad day the world over. What a great man and lived through enough for multiple lifetimes.

#1024408 - Thu Dec 05 2013 04:49 PM Re: RIP Nelson Mandela
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His life was certainly full, and productive. R.I.P., Mr. Mandela
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#1024411 - Thu Dec 05 2013 05:12 PM Re: RIP Nelson Mandela
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He was an unrepentant revolutionary who believed, and practiced, in the right of ordinary people to take up arms against an oppressive government. Like all national liberation struggles, the methods of struggle he endorsed were frequently brutal, albeit against an even more brutal state government. It's been interesting to see his background in armed struggle being 'sanitised' by western governments interested in feting him as a statesman rather than a revolutionary. He was both.

RIP Nelson Mandela. Beidh an bua againn.
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#1024416 - Thu Dec 05 2013 06:29 PM Re: RIP Nelson Mandela
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He is an inspiration to current generations and to older generations a symbol that people can change for the better in terms of how to go about achieving human rights.

#1024422 - Thu Dec 05 2013 07:50 PM Re: RIP Nelson Mandela
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His life was and is a wonderful teaching aid. In no way , while teaching about him did I "sanitise" him. His rebellion and his fierce fight were given equal space with his moral values, his peace loving ways and his dignity. The wonderful story of his life gave me great inspiration in teaching.
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#1024529 - Fri Dec 06 2013 12:24 PM Re: RIP Nelson Mandela
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We will miss his wise words.
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#1024536 - Fri Dec 06 2013 02:06 PM Re: RIP Nelson Mandela
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Hamba Kahle, Madiba

#1024538 - Fri Dec 06 2013 02:25 PM Re: RIP Nelson Mandela
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The trait I'm hearing mentioned again and again in the tributes both yesterday and today is "integrity."

If only this quality of Mandela's could be genuinely embraced by all in political life today. What a difference that could make to the daily lives of all.

His example must not be forgotten.

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#1025851 - Sat Dec 14 2013 12:02 AM Re: RIP Nelson Mandela
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When he was in prison he taught the other prisoners how to read and write. He then taught some of the guards how to read and write. He could have saved tens of thousands of lives by preventing a civil war. His ability to forgive sets the bar of humanity pretty high but I hope we all try to live up to it if just a little.


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