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#967941 - Sun Feb 17 2013 11:47 PM Neighbours - SPOILERS
wwe84 Offline

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I'm a Big Neighbours fan this year has been good so far in 2013

Nicola Charles has returned as Sarah

Lou's daughter from the 90s Lauren has returned with a new actress playing her
Stephanie Scully is returning

Henry Mitchell might be retuening

Brad Willis character is returing to Neighbours played by Kip Gamblin who played Scott Hunter on Home & Away,Scott Michaelsom who played the original Brad in the 90s is not returning as he doesn't act anymore & Brad has got a wife who is played by Rebekah Elmaloglou who played Sophie Simpson on Home & Away

Things are looking good for Neighbours

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#967968 - Mon Feb 18 2013 08:46 AM Re: Neighbours - SPOILERS [Re: wwe84]
Lottie1001 Offline

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That's a lot of spoilers for those of us in the UK, where Vanessa and Sonya have only just given birth to Patrick and Nellie.

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#968150 - Tue Feb 19 2013 02:18 PM Re: Neighbours - SPOILERS [Re: wwe84]
SilverMoonsong Offline

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Please remember, before posting, that there are people in other countries that may not be on the same season as you are. I've added SPOILERS to the title so others won't stumble in unaware.
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#973580 - Fri Mar 22 2013 01:58 AM Re: Neighbours - SPOILERS [Re: wwe84]
wwe84 Offline

Registered: Sun Feb 13 2011
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Loc: Southn Highlands NSW Australia
Neighbours Cast Spoiler:

Melissa Bell is returning as Lucy Robinson Paul's sister

So my question to Neighbours fans on here is what past character would you like to see came back for a short run

I have 3 i like to see they are Izzy & Scott & Charlene

Last night on Neighbours both Rhys & Priya died after the gas bottle expolsion at Toadie & Sonya's wedding

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#973626 - Fri Mar 22 2013 07:57 AM Re: Neighbours - SPOILERS [Re: wwe84]
flopsymopsy Offline

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If you want to insert Spoilers there's a way to do it and a way not to do it.

The right way is to go to Full Reply Screen mode, and at the top of the box where you write your comments, look for the S which has a diagonal slash through it. Not a horizontal slash but a diagonal one. Which should be the tenth box across. Click on that and it will insert the word "spoiler" inside square brackets twice inside the text box. Write your spoiler text between the two (if you let your mouse hover over the slashed S it will show you an example). When you post the message the user will see a button saying "Show Me" and if they click on that they'll see the hidden comment. Like this:

Click to reveal..
Please don't write spoiler text in plain view, it upsets people.

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#973630 - Fri Mar 22 2013 08:31 AM Re: Neighbours - SPOILERS [Re: wwe84]
salami_swami Offline
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Also, from the post on how to write spoilers on the boards...
Number 4.

4. Try not to spoil Movies, TV shows or other things for other people. If you want to say something which may spoil it for others, try writing "SPOILER". You don't need to add a ton of lines in between, just writing it at the top of your post will be helpful.

In other news, about the show. I haven't watched it, nor do I care to. wink

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#973640 - Fri Mar 22 2013 09:12 AM Re: Neighbours - SPOILERS [Re: wwe84]
dippo Offline

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I don't really understand the point of the posts. There is no discussion of what has happened, just a list of points that would spoil things for those who haven't seen it, be known by those who have seen it, and of no relevance whatsoever to the large majority. What are you trying to achieve?

#1025044 - Mon Dec 09 2013 08:28 PM Re: Neighbours - SPOILERS [Re: wwe84]
wwe84 Offline

Registered: Sun Feb 13 2011
Posts: 2597
Loc: Southn Highlands NSW Australia
Spoiler: In 2014 there will be a new Robinson character with Scott & Charlene's son coming to Ramsey Street


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