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#1028652 - Sat Jan 04 2014 02:11 AM Phil Everly
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I've just woken to the news that one of my favourite singers of all time has died. He and Don inspired so many others, including The Beatles, and their songs will live for ever.

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#1028655 - Sat Jan 04 2014 02:41 AM Re: Phil Everly [Re: rossian]
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Sad news, indeed.
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#1028659 - Sat Jan 04 2014 03:29 AM Re: Phil Everly [Re: rossian]
Christinap Offline

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The Everly Brothers were part of the soundtrack of my youth, I loved their music. I was lucky enough to see them live several times. It isn't many artists who can do two solid hours of greatest hits and still leave some out.

RIP Phil and thank you for the music.

#1028673 - Sat Jan 04 2014 07:52 AM Re: Phil Everly [Re: rossian]
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I am another who really loved their music, Seventy-four is no age at all. RIP.
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#1028681 - Sat Jan 04 2014 09:03 AM Re: Phil Everly [Re: rossian]
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I loved them too.
Seveny-four is no age at all

Thanks dear,
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#1028687 - Sat Jan 04 2014 09:35 AM Re: Phil Everly [Re: rossian]
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Very sad news.
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#1028699 - Sat Jan 04 2014 10:47 AM Re: Phil Everly [Re: rossian]
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I was always astounded at the diversity of their style: Country; Rock; Pop; Gospel; Blues; and just a few tunes that were all their own.

"Wake Up Little Susie" I mean, Ya!
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#1028745 - Sat Jan 04 2014 05:58 PM Re: Phil Everly [Re: rossian]
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One of my all time favourites. R.I.P. Phil Everly

#1028747 - Sat Jan 04 2014 07:49 PM Re: Phil Everly [Re: rossian]
slytherinwitch Offline
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Loved all their songs. Though they were a bit before my time, I count them among my all-time favourites. R.I.P. Phil. You will always be fondly remembered.


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