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#1029423 - Sat Jan 11 2014 09:00 AM Question Quest
AmandaM Offline

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I've just played the Obscurity game and one of the questions is incorrect. I've tried clicking on 'Report a correction' and all it says is 'No owner found'. Apparently this question is from the Question Quest. I'm unsure who I contact to alter it.

The question came from AdamM7 and the question was:
"The BBC has created many channels, including BBC 1, BBC 2 and even CBBC! Which one has a programme on it called 'Pointless'?". The answer given is BBC2, when in fact the show is on BBC1.

Thank you in advance.

#1029432 - Sat Jan 11 2014 10:51 AM Re: Question Quest [Re: AmandaM]
dg_dave Offline
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Best bet would be to send a message to one of the TV editors. They can assist you further.
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#1029434 - Sat Jan 11 2014 11:10 AM Re: Question Quest [Re: AmandaM]
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The answer wasn't incorrect when it was written, it's simply outdated: 'Pointless' began on BBC Two in August 2009, and was moved to BBC One in 2011.
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#1029435 - Sat Jan 11 2014 11:16 AM Re: Question Quest [Re: AmandaM]
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Wouldn't contacting AdamM7 work better for a fix? I thought editors cannot access Question Quest data records. AdamM7 could start a fix by using his All Accepted Questions list's submit a correction which would go to the appropriate editor.
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#1029438 - Sat Jan 11 2014 11:48 AM Re: Question Quest [Re: AmandaM]
guitargoddess Offline

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In this case, writing to an editor won't really accomplish much - we can't access the questions without a formal correction note submitted on it. It's not really usually the greatest bet to contact authors directly (they can easily ignore the note, or might not be around the site any more) but in this case it could be an option since the author can access their questions (and we know that AdamM7 is still an active player around the site).

For what it's worth, if that same question was submitted today, I wouldn't accept it. We don't accept 'what channel does this air on' type questions any more precisely for this reason, it can change at any time.
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#1029534 - Sun Jan 12 2014 12:03 PM Re: Question Quest [Re: AmandaM]
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I've sent a correction note and asked for it to be changed.

For what it's worth, that was my first EVER question written and I certainly wouldn't submit that today. Not only was it time-dependent, but very, very boring - it's one of the only 4 "poor" single questions I've ever got, and the worst rated out of those.
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