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#1027736 - Fri Dec 27 2013 02:45 PM Kleptomaniac....
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#1032372 - Thu Jan 30 2014 05:30 PM Re: Kleptomaniac.... [Re: ren33]
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The best cats are cute and a bit(?) naughty. smile They slink, sleekly and seemingly innocently, round the neighbourhood and do just as they please. = ^ - ^ =

As for this -

"He seems to have some strange fetishes"

- perhaps he was born with just a hint of a lil kink in his tail. wink

Seriously, it's a great pity T. S. Eliot is no longer alive to write a poem or two about these cats ...

#1032379 - Thu Jan 30 2014 06:16 PM Re: Kleptomaniac.... [Re: ren33]
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Wow. Those are clever cats. When I saw the snowmen ornaments the cat had stolen though it made sense. Our cat Sylvester in France would fight with anything that looked like a human like a doll or a stuffed toy. If it was about his size and had clothes on it just irked him. I saw him jump six feet in the air to the shelf to get the santons off the shelf, the traditional creche figures that are about eight inches tall. We would come home and he'd have pinned a little bear with a soccer supporter scarf and cap on. He'd take the stuffing out of it.
The funniest thing he did with it had to be taking the cap to his water bowl and drowning it for good measure!

Current cats here don't do anything as naughty but this little bobtail here as I type this can pry the linen drawer open. We let her in there to see if there was a mouse, but she just does it for fun.
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#1032381 - Thu Jan 30 2014 06:33 PM Re: Kleptomaniac.... [Re: ren33]
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One of my daughter's favourite stories was Slinky Malinky, the kleptomaniac cat.
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