I could not let the day finish without proclaiming the victory of my 'adopted' country.
I'm pleased that England won today, but I'm overjoyed that Spain did!
I got the score in bits and pieces due to having some running around to do. I saw the dreadful own goal that put Paraguay ahead over a cup of coffee near home; heard the cheer for Spain's first goal whilst waiting to use the ATM at my bank; listened to a bit more on the bank clerk's radio;
saw the next goal over another cup of coffee; heard some more as I walked past some workmen who had left the radio in their van on loud so they could hear from the top of their scaffolding; got the final result from the taxi driver I had flagged down because I'd misssed the last bus. The country did not come to a standstill, but everyone was either watching or listening to the game. I would be very surprised if this did not include even the King (who is a great supporter of all types of sport).
I found this much to be preferred to the drunken rantings of (some, not all) the English holidaymakers which continued till after midnight.
Viva Espana! [Big Grin]