It was brought to my attention that one of my questions was wrong in the quiz named Quiz for cat owners. The first question asks what the likely demeanor of a cat who tucks it's tail between it's legs. The answer is Displeasure. Unlike dogs, who tuck their tails between their legs when afraid, cats who do the tail tuck are showing their displeasure of the current situation. Cats who are afraid will stand their tails straight up and puff the hair on their tail out in attempt to make themselves look bigger. Like many of our friends of the animal kingdom, they exhibit this behavior in attempt to make themselves appear a more formidable opponent, thus causing the would be danger to reconsider any sort of attack. (Written by my husband, a 15-year practitioner of veterinarian medicine, since he is more elloquent when explaining things in the animal world.) I have altered the "Info" text for this question to explain this better. I hope this clarifies the situation.