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#105839 - Wed Mar 22 2000 12:51 AM Game creation question
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How "global" is the ban on "fill-in-the-blank-only" questions? I have created several quizzes in the past that have been all FITB; most very higly-rated. In addition, the very best quizzes I have played here have been some of the word puzzles that were all FITB. This type of quiz is necessary for some word-game type quizzes, although I certainly do realize that many people use it inappropriately! However, I noticed the statement in the new quiz submission info that said that FITB quizzes would not be approved. I then noticed that of my four newest quizzes, the three that were multiple choice have all been approved, but the FITB is still waiting.... I don't have a problem if they will take longer to approve, but I hope they aren't being *automatically* disqualified. Can you please clarify?

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#105840 - Tue Mar 21 2000 02:40 PM Re: Game creation question
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The statement was made to make new players think twice about asking questions where the fill in the blank is "ionized dilithium crystals and ant-matter".

Any well-written game where fill in the blank is used intelligently will be added. I agree -- some of the best games DO use it well, but those games have been made by players who have played zillions of quizzes and have also made a lot of their own. Experience really helps.

BTW, speaking of experience, players who submit a lot of games and who are known to create good games will find that their games get added a lot faster than others. Reputation is a factor!


#105841 - Fri Apr 14 2000 07:13 PM Re: Game creation question
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Personally, if I see a lot of fill in the blank questions, I might skip the quiz. Why? Because some people have a habit of creating FITB quizzes where the answer can be written in several ways. For instance, there was a 'trick question' about how could a man who fell into the water not get his hair wet. The answer could be "he was bald," "he didn't have hair," and probably a few others. The person whow rote the quiz only wrote in one of the answers, therefore even thought i had the correct answer, because I didn't phrase it the same way, my answer was incorrect.

FITB quizzes are great - as long as there isn't more than one way to do the correct answer!

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#105842 - Fri Apr 14 2000 07:50 PM Re: Game creation question
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FITB trivia

in my neck of the woods it's a Future Income Tax Benefit, and it appears in the balance sheet as a non-current asset (intangibles), isn't that weird.


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