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#105906 - Sun Apr 09 2000 11:41 PM Teachers and Quizzyland
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I know that a lot of educators either play Quizzyland themselves, or even encourage some students to play the games. With an increasingly wide range of games, it's becoming more obvious that these games would make a wonderful addition to many classrooms.

The main question is how to narrow it all down so that particular students are offered a narrow range of games to play.

One idea is this. A teacher would be able (through quizzyland software), to create a 'list' of quizzyland games. You'd be able to add any games you want to this list. You'd give a name to this list, and anyone selecting that list would see those (and only those) games. In the end, you'd have your own private list of games.

If you were teaching specific history classes, you could then add all of the history games that are of interest to your list, and your students would be able to play them. What's more, it could be set up so that people could CREATE games that would appear in that list, and the list owner (teacher or otherwise) would review games before putting them online. These games would then appear in that list.

Not only could you encourage students to play games that you specifify, but you could also encourage students to create games of a topic you specify in a category. Anyone who has made a bunch of quizzyland quizzes will know that you learn a LOT more creating games than you even do playing them. Either as an assignment "I want you guys to come up with 10 good questions and answers and descriptions dealing with the French Revolution", or simple extra resource use: "I've created some interesting test quizzes that you can play at URL blahblah. This may help for your quiz next week.."

So I think there's a lot of potential there. I'd like to know what you people think. Adding such a feature wouldn't be too tough, and I could roll it into a whole educational package, based on, but separate to quizzyland.

To use it, you'd simply tell your students to go to an URL like

and there would be your selected quiz list and creation options available. My goal would be to make it easy to get started and to administrate.

Let me know what you think.

#105907 - Mon Apr 10 2000 11:01 PM Re: Teachers and Quizzyland
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This sounds like a great idea. I have a number of students who are becomming increasingly interested in FunTrivia and I've been trying to find ways to use it in the classroom.

#105908 - Sat Apr 15 2000 08:57 AM Re: Teachers and Quizzyland
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It sounds like a wonderful idea, I would love to use Quizzyland in my classroom! One question though, would teachers be able to edit (for spelling errors, etc.) the quizzes they select for their lists? I know the quiz editors don't always have time to correct the mistakes in some of the quizzes before they go online to be played.

#105909 - Sat Apr 15 2000 12:19 PM Re: Teachers and Quizzyland
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As a quiz editor myself, I see my job as making sure that quizzes are free of grammar and spelling errors before I put them online. I would hope that other quiz editors do the same. I agree than there are far too many quizzes out there with spelling and grammar errors, but I have noticed that most of these are in areas that you probably would not be choosing for school. Many of the best-written quizzes are in the more education-appropriate categories like history and literature.

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