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#105917 - Mon Apr 10 2000 05:18 PM Tough Simpsons Trivia
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Please be advised that those who went absolutely BALLISTIC about a question regarding the town the Simpsons live in sent their rude and ranting comments to a 12 year old CHILD. He made his deduction of where the Simpsons supposedly live by obtaining several clues from the series. I realize that taking a quiz and finding an inaccurate answer is frustrating and my sons quiz wasnt correct, but the abuse that he took from some of those who took the quiz was uncalled for. Please remember that this is supposed to be fun - not for profit and that you have no idea who the person your directing your rude comments is - or how old they are.
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#105918 - Tue Apr 11 2000 04:25 AM Re: Tough Simpsons Trivia
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Excellent point, well taken. Players, you must remember that this is a GAME!! It's not life-threatening, you won't lose a work promotion or have your computer repossessed if a question or answer is wrong.

Please remember the name of this site:
it's FUNTrivia; along with zero tolerance for porno or obscenity, we likewise will not permit our folks to be abused, threatened or belittled. Take a word to the wise, the boss has NO tolerance for this kind of behavior. Like msgene says, you don't know who you're talking to when you rant and rave. It might be a child.

Or, when you're on the outside looking in (or unable to), you may find that the person you called all sorts of abusive names is actually a games administrator posting a quiz under another account name, to see what sort of feedback it gets.

msgene, if you want to, you can forward any e-mail you wish to the WebMaster at

or to me at:

Such complaints are taken seriously here.

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#105919 - Tue Apr 11 2000 05:01 AM Re: Tough Simpsons Trivia
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another parent here, Terry can programme the site to lock out certain PCs if ever the need arises, take up the offer and on-forward the emails,
cheers from down under


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