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#1138954 - Wed Jun 29 2016 02:16 PM Interesting Information
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I appreciate the importance that editors put on Interesting Information but I would like to know how many quizzers actually read all the information provided.

I am sure that this is not a popular view but when I view previous answers from many years ago there may be no Information at ll.

As usual there must be a middle ground.

My feeling is (rightly or wrongly) that unless something grabs your interest most quizzers just fire on regardless.
While I understand that the purpose is to educate my primary purpose is to quiz.

Please don't hate me for saying this - I really love the site and the work that people put in.

Sorry and thanks for all the hard work laugh laugh

#1139036 - Thu Jun 30 2016 02:17 PM Re: Interesting Information
jabb5076 Offline

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At least for me, a sentence or two that adds something interesting to the question and answer is good and I'll always read that much. Some authors, however, are so enamoured of their subject that they think it's necessary to write a multi-paragraph essay after every question. Unless there's something extraordinarily compelling about that particular quiz subject and its questions, I just skip those long-winded responses. That's just me, though. You bring up an interesting point, and I'm curious what others think.

#1139037 - Thu Jun 30 2016 02:38 PM Re: Interesting Information
sisterseagull Offline

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Oh dear... I think I fall into the category of the 'enamoured'... I am trying to cut back though!

Some people love it, some people don't. C'est la vie

#1139038 - Thu Jun 30 2016 02:48 PM Re: Interesting Information
postcards2go Offline

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There's no harm to long-winded interesting information. No one is required to read it. Whether I read it depends on my level of interest in the question, as well as how much time I have. Sometimes, I'll even take the time to do further research.

I do have a problem with long-winded *questions*, however.
~~ postie

#1139160 - Fri Jul 01 2016 02:29 PM Re: Interesting Information
mega44 Offline

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Thanks so much for commenting.

My problem is that sometimes editors keep asking for more and more information.

Let's face it anything that is factually correct holds its own interest.

Things are just getting a bit too intricate when trying to set a quiz.

#1139162 - Fri Jul 01 2016 02:54 PM Re: Interesting Information
agony Offline


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I don't know of any category that asks for more than three sentences.

I tend to ask that things brought up in the question be briefly explained in the info, if they are things that people might not know about. So if you ask, oh, "What "gigantic" actor blah blah?" in a question about Robbie Coltrane, I want you to tell us that he played the half-giant Hagrid in the Harry Potter series. If you would prefer not to have to talk about that, don't bring it up in the question. Just leave out "gigantic", and it's fine not to talk about the Hagrid connection.

Almost always, when I ask for more info, it's that type of situation. You tell us the song was a big hit - I want you to tell me if it topped the charts, and which charts, or what kind of sales it had, or who has done cover versions. You tell us a singer died tragically young, I want to know, in one sentence, the circumstances, or what his legacy is. And so on.

If I see paragraphs of info for a question I'm not really interested in, as a player I just don't read it. However, if as a player I'd like to know a little more, and get some context, I can't read it if it's not there.

I play at other websites, and constantly find myself wishing for info sections. "How did King Bagreb die?" they ask, with the answer of "An infected toenail" and I'm all "What? A toenail!? Who is he? When did this happen? What's it all about?" Two or three sentences of info would have helped me satisfy my very real, but actually quite shallow, curiosity. I want to know, but not really badly enough to close that window, open another one, and google him. That work is the question author's job, IMO - pique my interest, and then satisfy it.

#1139166 - Fri Jul 01 2016 04:28 PM Re: Interesting Information
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Originally Posted By: agony
I play at other websites
So, you are one of our spies? What's your code name, Spydermonkey? smile
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