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#117128 - Fri Jun 21 2002 04:04 PM Don't Get Nailed
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HERE ARE A few hints for hammer users:

Don't buy a hammer with a visible casting seam. It could fly apart as you work with it. Good hammer heads are all one smooth piece and won't shatter.

If the handle on your wooden hammer comes loose, soak the entire tool in linseed oil for several hours to encourage the wood to swell -- and tighten the head.

Just like when you hold a tennis racket, the closer to the end of the handle you grip, the more power you will wield.

Wear goggles when you hammer, especially if you are working with masonry or hardened nails or tackling a project above your head or at eye level.

#117129 - Mon Jul 08 2002 05:48 PM Re: Don't Get Nailed
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Good tips, Gilly. I've used the same claw hammer for 35 years and changed hickory handles only once. I also wrap a few laps of white cloth bandage tape at the end of the handle to keep it from slipping out of my hand.
This hammer is a drop-cast forging, no seams.
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