Anyone just watch any of this game ... just happened to catch it as there was nothing else on.

Couple of things .... England were a fairly typical England side (lots of long balls for people to run on too etc etc) & Brazil were a fairly typical Brazilian side (good on the ball, lots of passing on the floor etc etc).

What really struck me though was the amount of diving, paly acting and general whinging by the Brazilians. They ha done little lad Diva who clearly cam from Rivaldo's dance school. Great on the ball but fell over every time anyone came within two feet of him .... and every time he got up he asked the ref to book whoever had been closest to him!

The Brazilians didn't endear themselves to many of the crowd when they failed to do the "sporting" thing and give the ball back after England had kicked the ball out for an injury.

It was all a bit sad when compared to "proper" Brazil sides of yore. What was more depressing was that there coach seemed to condone it ....

Anyway .... keep your eyes on Aaron Lennon of Leeds ... only 15 but skinned the Brazilian defence a few times .... which in the end lead to the Brazilian captain pole-axing him on one run (justice was done - red card!).

just wondered whether anyone else had seen and had similar impression or whether i'm just going mad ....
i've been searching for the young soul rebels -i've been lookin' everywhere - i can't find them anywhere - where've you hidden them?