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#120270 - Wed Jul 17 2002 02:36 AM How Polite Are You?
valois Offline

Registered: Mon Feb 04 2002
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Is your pinkie extended when lifting your teacup? Do you pick your nose in public? Do you scratch no matter where you itch?

Take this test and see how you rate on the etiquette meter.

I of course did remarkably well which should come as no surprise to those of you who know me. Feast your eyes on my results:

Are you, by any chance, a member of the Royal Family? You've got impeccable manners, and a standard of decorum high above that of the average Joe-blow. You wouldn't dream of behaving in a way that may offend or disgust others, and nearly always put decent social conduct above your own discomfort. This is a gift that certainly gives you the advantage in many situations - no one would hesitate to bring you home to meet the parents, for example. One warning though; the rules of decorum evolve with time (how many men you know would lay their jacket across a mud puddle for a lady friend?) and sometimes you can simply throw them out the window. No one expects you, for example, to buy your low-down ex a lavish wedding present. You have every right to be proud of your super-polite behavior, but don't get so hung up on etiquette that others take advantage of your good intentions.

Too true, yes, too true.

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#120271 - Wed Jul 17 2002 04:29 AM Re: How Polite Are You?
PurpleFan Offline

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Oh your Royal Valoisness! I got the very same message! I guess we are both cut from the same Royal Purple cloth! I have been known to be called Princess LPP by a few of my very closest friends of which I know you know of! Good manners never go out of style! Nor does good taste!
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#120272 - Wed Jul 17 2002 06:36 PM Re: How Polite Are You?
jubjub Offline

Registered: Sat Jun 15 2002
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Loc: Southern Ontario, Canada
I scored 75 and received the same response as the two of you! I have to go now......excuse me, please .......thank you......good bye!
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#120273 - Wed Jul 17 2002 07:52 PM Re: How Polite Are You?
lefois Offline
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If I wasn't such a snob I might tell you what I scored!

Ok then....I'm higher than blue and I believe, in the realm of valois!

I would propose a toast, but I'm unsure if it is polite to "clink" glasses or just raise them in salute!

Forget it! Pop open the beer!

#120274 - Fri Jul 19 2002 01:18 PM Re: How Polite Are You?
sue943 Offline

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I had the same paragraph, I got a 90 score.
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#120275 - Sat Jul 20 2002 06:56 AM Re: How Polite Are You?
tellywellies Offline
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Registered: Sat Apr 13 2002
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Loc: South of England
Got a 90 ...I hope that's OK with everyone. I mean, I could reduce it a bit if you like I suppose. ...
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#120276 - Sat Jul 20 2002 01:56 PM Re: How Polite Are You?
Bruyere Offline
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Registered: Sat Feb 10 2001
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Loc: California USA
I got a 90 too, wonder why?
But then again I almost excuse myself when I bump into something...
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#120277 - Sat Jul 20 2002 11:20 PM Re: How Polite Are You?
Betleguise Offline

Registered: Mon Jul 01 2002
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Loc: Connecticut
Did this twice because a couple of those situations I've never actually been in and answered the first time with what I know was right given the responses. I would just completely ignore the wedding...
First time: 100!
Second: 85-I guess SOMEtimes I'd let someone go without warning them of no toilet paper. The idea of some guy shuffling around with his pants around his ankles to get to the coarse, dry brown standard hand roll for substitute would be hilarious depending on the person (boss!)

#120278 - Sun Jul 21 2002 04:57 AM Re: How Polite Are You?
TabbyTom Offline

Registered: Wed Oct 17 2001
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Well, I only scored 65, and I was told:

While you're certainly not the Queen Mother, you do manage to follow society's rules of decorum - when it suits you. You know that etiquette exists to provide guidelines, but that nothing is set in stone. The rules of decorum, after all, evolve with time (how many men you know would lay their jacket across a mud puddle for a lady friend?) and sometimes you have to simply throw them out the window. You bend - and sometimes break - the rules depending on the situation. You may, for example, give in to the occasional urge to snoop in a host's medicine cabinet or sneak into the express line with 15 items when you're in a hurry. While none of these social faux pas are too horribly offensive, be sure not to push the envelope too far. Some rules are not meant to be broken!

I think that's fair comment on the whole - although snooping in the medicine cabinet and horning in on the express checkout queue were things I quite truthfiully denied doing.

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#120279 - Sun Jul 21 2002 12:59 PM Re: How Polite Are You?
Elfstone Offline

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That's polite enough.

#120280 - Sun Jul 28 2002 04:31 AM Re: How Polite Are You?
Paradis Offline

Registered: Mon Apr 29 2002
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I got a 70 with this one.

#120281 - Sun Aug 04 2002 03:45 AM Re: How Polite Are You?
allynellie Offline

Registered: Sun Apr 15 2001
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I got 90 - is there enough room in FunTrivia for so many members of the Royal family..?
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#120282 - Wed Aug 07 2002 09:04 AM Re: How Polite Are You?
Samantha Offline
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Registered: Sat Jun 22 2002
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Loc: New Jersey
I scored an 80, but I don't think that was correct! As I was answering I'd think "Oh no, I'm terrible!" to be honest, I really should have scored a 60!
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#120283 - Thu Aug 08 2002 04:10 AM Re: How Polite Are You?
Bruyere Offline
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Registered: Sat Feb 10 2001
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Loc: California USA
Did they have a question about excusing oneself when bumping into a pole?
I was born under a wandering star.

#120284 - Fri Aug 09 2002 07:51 AM Re: How Polite Are You?
Ballykissangel Offline

Registered: Fri Jul 12 2002
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I've asked for pardon when I've bumped into a manikin at a department store!

#120285 - Sat Aug 10 2002 02:33 AM Re: How Polite Are You?
sassy_suzi Offline

Registered: Mon Aug 05 2002
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Loc: North West Arkansas, USA
not very.. I got a 30.......... I just do things my way.. I've grown into them like an old leather shoe that is warn into the shape of your foot!
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#120286 - Mon Aug 19 2002 12:40 AM Re: How Polite Are You?
Moo Offline
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I got a 90. I guess that means I am a half snob with good manners.
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