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#121838 - Thu Jul 25 2002 06:36 PM How Ethical Are You?
valois Offline

Registered: Mon Feb 04 2002
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Loc: Pennsylvania USA
How are your ethics? Take this simple test and see. Not one to brag or gloat, I'll just show you th first sentnce of my results:

According to your score on the test, you are practically an angel!

Go with God, my children.

People try to change the world, instead of themselves. John Cleese

#121839 - Thu Jul 25 2002 07:08 PM Re: How Ethical Are You?
jubjub Offline

Registered: Sat Jun 15 2002
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Loc: Southern Ontario, Canada
Valois, my dear sir, I am too embarrassed to tell you my score. I am going to pretend I did NOT take this test and slink away........okay, okay, I scored a 60 and apparently I am quite conniving with few scruples! I tend to gravitate between this:
........and this:

"The important thing is not to stop questioning." Albert Einstein

#121840 - Thu Jul 25 2002 09:24 PM Re: How Ethical Are You?
PurpleFan Offline

Registered: Fri Oct 22 1999
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Loc: New Westminster BC Canada
Well I scored a 90! I am so straight I have to bend to go around corners! LOL LOL! As Mac Davis One sang, "Oh Lord It's Hard To Be Humble When Your Perfect In Everyway" ! That about sums it up!
We have alot in common Valois!
Ethically Yours PF
All Things Purple Are Relative!

#121841 - Thu Jul 25 2002 09:32 PM Re: How Ethical Are You?
lefois Offline
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Registered: Fri Feb 01 2002
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Loc: Kitimat BC 
Ummmmmm....terribly ethical, here! I'm in the three figures.

blue! Shame on YOU! Whatever did you answer YES to, I wonder! I'm blushing just at the thought!

Thank you for offering up these little check-ups, Valois! So far I've found out that I'm a terribly ethical, incredibly polite SNOB!

Geez.........this is FUN!

#121842 - Fri Jul 26 2002 04:51 AM Re: How Ethical Are You?
TabbyTom Offline

Registered: Wed Oct 17 2001
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Loc: Hastings Sussex England UK    
Well, I got 60, which mean that I'm "walking a line between the ethical and the corrupt". Once again, however, the answer says I'm likely to do things that I've said (truthfully) that I wouldn't do.
Dilige et quod vis fac

#121843 - Sun Jul 28 2002 04:42 AM Re: How Ethical Are You?
Paradis Offline

Registered: Mon Apr 29 2002
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I scored 45 on the ethics one, so I walk that fine line too.

#121844 - Sun Aug 04 2002 03:48 AM Re: How Ethical Are You?
allynellie Offline

Registered: Sun Apr 15 2001
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Loc: Ayrshire Scotland UK      
I scored 70 'practically an angel' - so good thing I got my picture right then
'My body is a temple, Shirley Temple' - Jonny, UK Big Brother 3

#121845 - Wed Aug 07 2002 08:58 AM Re: How Ethical Are You?
Samantha Offline
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Registered: Sat Jun 22 2002
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Loc: New Jersey
I got a 75 - these are fun - well, maybe if I got a 20 it wouldn't be so fun, hmmm????
It's better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it!

#121846 - Mon Aug 19 2002 12:53 AM Re: How Ethical Are You?
Moo Offline
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Registered: Thu Mar 21 2002
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I got a 90! I will have to tell my mom that I just found out that I am practically and angel! Maybe it will erase her memories of my teen years Just kidding, I was a good teen.
So far tonight I have found out that I am a sloppy , half snob, with good manners and good ethics.
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