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#123208 - Mon Aug 05 2002 11:10 AM Powerpoint problem ... any ideas?
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So I've done a really dumb thing at work. I deleted a couple of slides from a PowerPoint presentation and re-saved the thing before realizing that one of them shouldn't have gone at all, and in fact it represents quite a bit of work. Argh! Does anyone have any ideas for getting it back? The stupid little paperclip thing isn't helping at all...
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#123209 - Tue Aug 06 2002 02:26 PM Re: Powerpoint problem ... any ideas?
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I don't think there is anything you can do once a file has been saved the way it is. Does anyone else have a copy of it?

However, just in case there is something that can be done, it might be worth asking your question here:

There are some very knowledgable people there who seem to have something to contribute on all computer related matters.
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#123210 - Thu Aug 08 2002 04:13 AM Re: Powerpoint problem ... any ideas?
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CD you should have converted the paper clip guy to a cat or a dog...then you hesitate before kicking.

I have three out of five programs that don't have an undelete thing. Seems like Excel is one of them that isn't too good.
Another one is the e mail program in AOL. Ever noticed?
Most programs you have to go and do it by hand and delete your deleteds...but noooooo. AOL once that baby is gone it's gone;
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