I saw a device for sale in a household items catalogue that was a progression of an idea Iíve been using for years. Story of my life! I never thought there could be money in it.

Itís a strap for preventing the bottom of flat-pack type drawers (or any that have hardboard bottoms) from sagging and coming out of the grooves. The reason this usually happens is that the front and back of the drawers bow outwards so allowing the bottom to drop.

The remedy Iíve been using is this:

Drill small pilot holes in the inside faces of the front and back of the drawer in the area beneath the hardboard bottom (there is room). Then screw medium sized hooks into the holes. The hooks for curtain wire wonít be big enough. They need to have a thread size that wonít allow them to pull out. Be careful not to drill the hole or screw the hook right through the front or youíll have a neat little hole showing in the front of the drawer!

Use cable ties to make a chain between the two hooks. Pull them tight enough to bring the front and back of the drawer together and clamp the bottom in place. The parts needed for the job cost next to nothing.

You can either do this or buy the strap.

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