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#134245 - Sun Oct 13 2002 11:42 AM Your Most Interesting/Complex Character
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Which is the most interesting/complex/original character you've encountered in a work of fiction?

My hands-down winner is Scarlett O'Hara in 'Gone With the Wind.' This woman has virtually no redeeming virtues. She is totally self-absorbed, selfish, manipulative, underhanded, cruel and a control freak. She was, in the movie, incredibly beautiful (her main positive feature), and used her looks to get what she wanted from men. But the first line in the book states that, "Scarlett O'Hara was not beautiful." Yet she remains one of the, if not the, most interesting and celebrated character since the 1936 publication date of the novel.

Perhaps it is similar to the 'Marilyn Monroe syndrome;' one can detect some vulnerability under that coarse exterior. Maybe men see her as a challenge, someone they want to protect. Women may see her as someone they would like to emulate or wish they could emulate.

How could someone with so many negative characteristics be so endearing?

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#134246 - Sun Oct 13 2002 12:07 PM Re: Your Most Interesting/Complex Character
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Hannibal Lecter (in the books; not quite so much in the films).

It's horrible to be reading a book about a deranged psychopath, who should completely repulse you, but finding you understand exactly where he's coming from 99% of the time!

#134247 - Tue Oct 15 2002 02:46 AM Re: Your Most Interesting/Complex Character
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My fave is Rhett Butler, from Gone With the Wind. Really love his sarcasm and humour. Made me wonder why Scarlett didn't realise until it was too late. Scarlett's also an admirable character - she's determined not to starve like the remaining Confederate and does all sorts of things to get what she wants.

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#134248 - Fri Feb 21 2003 08:28 AM Re: Your Most Interesting/Complex Character
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Dorothea in George Eliot's Middlemarch. She is so well developed psychologically, and she goes through so much mentally in the course of the novel. He flaws and her virtues are all revelaed., Eliot's insight is very penetrating.
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