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#156427 - Sat Feb 01 2003 11:49 AM 'Paperback book club'
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Well that is what it calls itself. This is a chain letter, not a long chain (just two addresses) and unlike all other chain letters that I have received this one I haven't thrown in the rubbish bin. The object of this chain is to send to the name at the top of the list (of two names), a paperback book that you have already read. You then remove that name, move up the other name and add your own name before sending the letter to six people. The idea is that you will receive 36 books which could introduce you to authors you might not have considered trying.

I thought it would be fun to open this out to people scattered all over the world rather than just sending to people in the same social group, hence this message. It is intended to be done by post but I guess that there would be no trouble doing it by email so as to avoid asking any of you for your home addresses, or even by PM. Please, no one under the age of 18.

If anyone is interested please send me a PM. Thanks.
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#156428 - Sat Feb 01 2003 12:55 PM Re: 'Paperback book club'
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That's an interesting concept. I haven't stopped to think it through but the first image that went through my head was FT members forming a "book circle" and just rotating paperback books: I receive a paperback from a member (the same member) and passing it on to a designated member when I am finished. Don't know if it would work but that was the first thought that went through my head.
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#156429 - Sat Feb 01 2003 03:36 PM Re: 'Paperback book club'
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That's an interesting concept Sue. I received the same (probably) book chain letter. That was two years ago, I'm still waiting for my first paperback book! I sure wish it had worked for me.
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