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#157952 - Wed May 28 2003 05:00 PM Re: Curious about FT Aussies!
wez Offline

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England UK        

etar, you got any evidence to back up this wild Britain/Australia theory of yours?

Mate, I think you've taken this honorary Aussie status a little bit too far!

Er......wait a minute......hang on, I rescind (oh b*$$er, I hate doing this, so often!) Just come across a Total Sport article from 1999 from Jonny Wilkinson,(I'm sure you'll know who he is?)........

Tum te tum te tum......tum tum te tum te tum te tum te tum!

OK,here is the quote, : "But losing 76-0 to Australia was particularly hardto take. You can imagine the mood in the dressing room afterwards. No-one could believe what had happened.Most of us just sat staring into space. It was a horrible place to be"........OK that's enough!

It's going to be a good year for English Rugby Union. Get on board Cool.

I'll just finish with a quote from the Sydney Morning Herald that I believe will finish where we came in...

"In 1788, England sent its losers to Australia. Two Hundred and Ten years later, nothing has changed"


(I was going to add something but no doubt I'll end up with a size 9 in me mouth????)

wez(quietly confident!)
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#157953 - Wed May 28 2003 05:08 PM Re: Curious about FT Aussies!
Coolupway Offline

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I will have to plead to the Yank's TOTAL IGNORANCE of anything rugby-related.

About 30 years ago there was a fairly decent harness horse who competed in the New York area whose name was The Scrumhalf. EVERYONE OVER HERE thought this was obscene and hence risible.

#157954 - Wed May 28 2003 06:48 PM Re: Curious about FT Aussies!
ozzz2002 Offline

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Australians got their accent and customs from us

A highly offended Aussie here, and I must take exception to this statement!
Etar, I am not sure how many Aussies you know, but the easiest way to tell the difference between a Brit and an Australian is to wait till they open their mouth. I have many Pommy friends (obviously the smarter ones) that have moved Down Under, and many of them have unintelligible accents and language... And please do not get me started on the Scots and the Welsh!

The other way to tell us apart is that we have a tan.

I also believe that the good old US of A had some involvement with the Brits an odd century or three ago. I am not sure who you would be disparaging if you got those two accents confused.

Coolupway, just be thankful that that trotter was not named after other positions in Rugby- what would the Yanks say to a horse called 'The Hooker', or 'The Fly Half'? The mind boggles!

Have I missed alienating anyone with this post? If so, I apologise...

The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not smashing it.

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#157955 - Thu May 29 2003 12:15 AM Re: Curious about FT Aussies!
tanzen Offline
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VIC Australia
But I haven't got an English bone in my body.... does that mean I'm not Australian??

(The token vegetarian non-English-Aussie in FT??)
I'm a maverick, I don't play by the rules you choose to live by.

#157956 - Thu May 29 2003 03:07 AM Re: Curious about FT Aussies!
Bertho Offline

Registered: Fri Oct 04 2002
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Loc: Queensland Australia
... or a yearling for sale from 'Loose Head Prop' and 'Blind Side Flanker' called 'Gilbert'...

No worries Cool, I'm envious you know nothing about rugby. The games done nothing but move my nose to odd angles and give me a permanent clicking in the space that used to be occupied by knee cartlidge!

I just love the poms confidence going into this great ruggers tournament, and I'll admitt it's well deserved confidence, but I'm trying to remember when a touring English side went home with a trophy from these red soils. I'm not that old! lol

#157957 - Thu May 29 2003 03:32 AM Re: Curious about FT Aussies!
damnsuicidalroos Offline

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NSW Australia
Ah ha! Marmite is English ,thanks Sue I always thought it odd that granny gave me Marmite instead of Vegemite.Poor gran came over here from England when she was 20, died here 50 years later still English.
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#157958 - Thu May 29 2003 05:07 AM Re: Curious about FT Aussies!
Exit10 Offline

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So that's why you look like your avatar Bertho.

Tanzen, you're as Australian as the day is long. No disputing that whatsoever.

#157959 - Thu May 29 2003 05:44 AM Re: Curious about FT Aussies!
Bertho Offline

Registered: Fri Oct 04 2002
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Loc: Queensland Australia
I resemble that remark Exit!

#157960 - Thu May 29 2003 08:36 AM Re: Curious about FT Aussies!
gtho4 Offline

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posted by Coolupway:
I will have to plead to the Yank's TOTAL IGNORANCE of anything rugby-related.

The USA qualified for the 2003 Rugby World Cup, when they beat Spain last month to grab the last spot in the tournament. Did that make the news over yonder .. earlier this month the USA thumped Japan 69-17

#157961 - Thu May 29 2003 08:49 AM Re: Curious about FT Aussies!
snm Offline

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Loc: Israel
Thumping Japan 69-17 in Rugby is a bit of a non-victory. The last time I saw Japan play (I think it was during the World Cup in South-Africa, in 1994 or '95) New-Zealand beat them by about 120 points! I mean I know it's the All Blacks, but still, how many converted tries is that?
"Talk is cheap, arms are not"- Victor Davis Hanson

#157962 - Thu May 29 2003 01:28 PM Re: Curious about FT Aussies!
Tielhard Offline

Registered: Thu Oct 24 2002
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Loc: Blackpool UK
I haven't seen the current team yet but the Japanese team normally plays a technically brilliant and fast paced game of football I find them very exciting to watch. It is not reasonable to expect them to win against teams which in the case of the Kiwis can be almost twice thier weight. Yet I have never seen them give up. The best game of international rugby I have ever seen was between the Japanese and the Pumas. Unless the Yanks have improved immeasurably (possible) 69 - 17 is a creditable win against Japan.
Regards, Tielhard

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