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#161852 - Tue Mar 04 2003 07:20 PM Looking for a poem
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Do you know of any poems expressing caring, warmth, comfort, trust,...

So many poems about (romantic) love, death, religion,... I don't know any about the simple pleasure of being close to someone. Yet I can't believe that none of the poets who wrote and write so eloquently about the big issues somehow kept quiet on the small ones.

Please help me out.

#161853 - Tue Mar 04 2003 08:30 PM Re: Looking for a poem
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This one is a bit more on the romantic side but it tells of how a couple will love each other forever despite what time may do to them. As long as your eyes are blue

#161854 - Wed Mar 05 2003 08:02 AM Re: Looking for a poem
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"Love and Friendship" by Emily Bronte

"To Meet Old Friends" by Helen Steiner Rice

Rumi, a 12th century mystical Islamic poet has many poems about deep friendship. The friend is referred to as the beloved, but this is not meant to be romantic; rather, it is an expression of deep warmth, friendship, and spirtual sharing.

Is this what you mean--poems about friendship? Or poems that are "romantic" except that they emphasize caring and closeness rather than things like beauty or love?

Tennyson's "In Memoriam" is about death, but also about deep friendship, about caring. Sections like "Doors, where my heart was used to beat...." etc. may fit the bill for you.

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#161855 - Tue Mar 11 2003 05:38 PM Re: Looking for a poem
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Try any of the romantic songs by Robert Burns-especially My love is like a red red rose. He was a poet of the common man and the ladies loved him too. His poems encapsulate the best emotions and the warmest.


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