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#166145 - Tue Apr 01 2003 08:49 PM A POW comes home!
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#166146 - Thu Apr 03 2003 04:01 AM Re: A POW comes home!
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#166147 - Thu Apr 03 2003 11:55 AM Re: A POW comes home!
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While we rejoice at this news, I watched a long and very sad ceremony a few days ago when they unloaded ten bodies of dead British service personnel, all the coffins were draped in flags and very senior service personnel we amongst those attending the service. Regrettably not one of the ten was killed by the enemy. I wept.
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#166148 - Sat Apr 05 2003 04:27 PM Re: A POW comes home!
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So was Jessica Lynch and the bodies of the other U.S fighters the same prisoners that were shown on TV last week? Or are those soldiers still unaccounted for?

#166149 - Sat Apr 05 2003 04:52 PM Re: A POW comes home!
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There's a fair chance that they're the same ones. She's from the same unit as the live POWs who were shown on TV. The bodies were shown at the same time as the POWs, and therefore it stands to reason that they were also from the same unit.
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#166150 - Tue Apr 08 2003 03:37 PM Re: A POW comes home!
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I think there are still five POW'S and seven soldiers isted as missing. The seven missing soldiers are probably among the dead that were paraded by the Iraqis on TV.

#166151 - Sat Apr 26 2003 02:55 AM Re: A POW comes home!
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Now that it`s all over and no-more American or Brit soldiers are pow,s,I feel it`s safe to comment on the filming of them by the Iraqis.I was very moved by the sheer terror on the faces of those filmed and couldn`t help wondering if those that continually flicked their eyes to the left and right were actually looking at guns being pointed at them.
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