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#166675 - Fri Apr 04 2003 09:16 PM What is your favorite friendship book?
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Just another poll LOL

My favorite friendship book would have to be Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants because the whole book revolves around this group of girls that have been friends their whole lives, and that would be pretty cool to have friends like that!

#166676 - Sat Apr 05 2003 03:51 AM Re: What is your favorite friendship book?
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Gosh! I had never really thought of a favourite 'friendship' book! I could think of plenty of films and quite a few childrens books but not any that I have recently got! Let me have a think about that.........
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#166677 - Sat Apr 05 2003 08:24 AM Re: What is your favorite friendship book?
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My favorite friendship book is "Anne of Green Gables" and the sequel "Anne of Avonlea". There friendship is sweet, and continues all their lives.

#166678 - Sun Apr 06 2003 07:43 PM Re: What is your favorite friendship book?
SillyLily Offline

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Definitely "Someone Like You" by Sarah Dessen. If you haven't read it, do yourself a favor and go check it out! I've read it about three times. It's about two high school girls Halley and Scarlett. When Scarlett gets pregnant,for the first time she needs Halley for support instead of the usual vice versa. When you finish it makes you want to call up your best friend just to hear her voice. Very sweet.
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#166679 - Tue Apr 15 2003 03:51 PM Re: What is your favorite friendship book?
PearlQ19 Offline
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"Circle of Friends" by Meave Binchy - it's so wonderful! And so, well... Irish
And though some of you might feel a little bewildered about that... I really do think that Stephen King's "It" is also a book where friendship is the actual topic, and can you name a book where friendship is more important?
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#166680 - Fri Oct 03 2003 07:06 AM Re: What is your favorite friendship book?
Sarah606 Offline

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"The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood" by Rebecca Wells (it might be Welles). Those four stick together throughout a lifetime of good and bad times.

#166681 - Sat Nov 15 2003 11:12 PM Re: What is your favorite friendship book?
bookworm Offline

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My favourite friendship book is 'The China Coin' by Allan Bailley. It's not so much about friendship between two friends of the same age, but it's about friendship between a mother and daughter and how it evolves and developes through the book.
I also like 'Prices'. It's about friendship between two teenages, but also about friendship between family members.

#166682 - Sat Dec 06 2003 06:30 PM Re: What is your favorite friendship book?
skylarb Offline

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"The Chosen" by Chaim Potok--which tells the story of a firendship between two boys, a Hasidic and a Reformed Jew. They have to deal with the tensions of coming, in a sense, from two different worlds, and having callings in life that are not what thier fathers expect of them. Also, they have to deal with the conflict over Israel, because one comes from a zionist family and the other from a family opposed to establishing a a state of Israel by secular/political means. I first read this back in 8th grade, and it made a lasting impression on me. I also enjoyed the sequel, though I cannot recall its name.
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#166683 - Sat Dec 06 2003 06:38 PM Re: What is your favorite friendship book?
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Skylarb, I just finished reading that book and absolutely loved it, but had no idea there was a sequal! I'll have to check that out. How was it?
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