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#166770 - Sun Apr 06 2003 03:20 AM Moons
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HONOLULU - Six more moons have been found orbiting Jupiter, pushing to 58 the total number of known natural satellites of the solar system's largest planet.

University of Hawaii's David Jewitt and Scott Sheppard, along with Jan Kleyna of Cambridge University, announced the discoveries Friday.

The moons are tiny, perhaps just a mile or so across, and orbit Jupiter at a distance of tens of millions of miles. They were found as part of an ongoing search using the world's two largest digital cameras at the Subaru and Canada-France-Hawaii telescopes atop Mauna Kea.

The moons follow retrograde orbits, traveling in the opposite direction of Jupiter's rotation. That suggests the moons were captured by Jupiter's gravitational tug, perhaps not long after the planet itself formed, Jewitt said.

Jupiter has more moons than any other planet. The largest four were discovered by Galileo in 1610. Of those, Ganymede is the largest known moon in the solar system, with a diameter of 3,260 miles.

Jewitt's team has found 18 Jupiter moons this year and expects to find more.

"We think if we keep on pushing it with the cameras and telescopes we have available, we'll get to about 100," Jewitt said.
Time to get my starship going and start checking these moons out for a new place to live. I'm sick of earth!

If anybody finds a picture post the link in here so I can check it out. Thx

#166771 - Wed Apr 09 2003 02:27 AM Re: Moons
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Interesting post,I read somewhere that one of the reasons Earth hasn`t been hit by a planet destroying comet is that Jupiters gravity drags them in.
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#166772 - Fri Apr 11 2003 11:30 PM Re: Moons
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As a matter of fact Jupiter does draw in many of the comets that might have been headed for earth, same for asteroids. Seems like the big J can be a hero for a day and people never realize it.

#166773 - Sun Apr 13 2003 04:52 AM Re: Moons
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Oh what a lovely thought!! Earth has a protective big brother!!! That is interesting though - its amazing what we can find out now isn't it?
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