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#166774 - Sun Apr 06 2003 03:36 AM Bad Texan
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SAN ANTONIO, Texas (Reuters) - A man who allegedly padlocked a 30-foot (10-meter) dog chain around his wife's neck and kept her in a cage after she threatened to leave him is in a cage of his own -- a prison cell.

San Antonio police arrested 41-year-old Jerry Wayne Thomason on Thursday after a neighbour spotted his 45-year-old wife Patricia wearing the chain around her neck after the couple dropped off their two children at school, police said on Friday.

When police found her, the chained woman was standing in her driveway while her husband slept in the passenger seat of his car, holding onto the chain.

Neighbours said the bizarre situation began when Patricia Thomason told her husband she wanted to leave him.

"He also had her in a cage, chained up in a cage, because he didn't want her to leave," neighbour Yolanda Esquivel said.

Firefighters had to use bolt cutters to remove the chain from her neck and police said she was released from a hospital after treatment for minor cuts and bruises.

Thomason was jailed in lieu of $35,000 (22,400 pounds) bond on charges of felony aggravated assault with bodily injury and unlawful restraint.

Police said the couple had been married for 15 years

My guess is he has a fear of being alone. Maybe he should buy a "dog" to keep him company. What a freak!

#166775 - Sun Apr 06 2003 06:25 AM Re: Bad Texan
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The poor woman is fortunate that she has been rescued and that her husband is in jail. But he sounds like the type that might also try to kill a wife because he fears she will leave him. Let's hope she is safe from his vindictive wraith too and that he will not be released on bail.
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#166776 - Sun Apr 06 2003 10:51 PM Re: Bad Texan
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I know this is anything BUT a "good" answer, but---if I had an ex that I honestly thought might be seeking to kill me, I'd kill the SOB before he had the chance. Sure, I might spend the next several years behind bars---but I WOULD NOT spend 'em worrying that he was trying the kill me.

The only man I've ever had a long-term relationship with knows EXACTLY how I feel about this. (*grin*)
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#166777 - Sun Apr 13 2003 08:15 AM Re: Bad Texan
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Looks to me like a case of a man willing to do anything to keep his wife from leaving, and not getting any appreciation for his efforts. I am wondering if she was still barking when rescued. Texans do have a unique way of dealing with problems you know, but . You have to wonder what she did to drive a devoted husband to such extremes.

The details might be interesting, However, we all know good, reasonable thinking people will act like complete imbeciles when confronted with marital problems.


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