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#167234 - Mon Apr 07 2003 02:51 PM Millionaire cheats found guilty
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Three people accused of cheating on the tv show "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" were today found guilty. They used a system of coughing in order to win the one million pound prize. The scam involved one of the other contestants and the contestant's wife. She had won £32,000 on a previous show and had also written a book on how to win a million on the show.

All three received suspended prison sentences and whopping great fines plus costs. It had been revealed that the person who 'won' the million and the other contestant (the one who did the coughing) both had extensive debts prior to the show.

There will be a television show later about how they were caught. Read the story here
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#167235 - Tue Apr 08 2003 01:17 AM Re: Millionaire cheats found guilty
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Lol. Idiots. And, would you believe that Maxwell Smart and the chief had a patent on the coughing system years earlier. These nutters should have bit less obvious and used something like one of this big electronic sign boards with the red scrolling letters. Just an idea.

#167236 - Tue Apr 08 2003 08:51 AM Re: Millionaire cheats found guilty
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I saw a man being interviewed who said he'd twigged what was going on. If that had been me I'd have started coughing while the contestant was mulling over and saying all of the question options. That would have thrown him!
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#167237 - Tue Apr 08 2003 12:55 PM Re: Millionaire cheats found guilty
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Me too Tellywellies - it was a bit less obvious than a quiz I presented where the local Police Team were using their radios's to get back to base (Their mates on their break were also playing!)
They still didn't win! - (I discovered the ploy on a swift toilet break when one of the policemans radio burst into life)


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