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#167770 - Sun Apr 13 2003 06:49 PM Nightclub Death Blamed on New Smoking Ban
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Dana Blake, a bouncer in Manhattan, died Sunday due to stab wounds he received after trying to enforce NYC's ban on smoking in bars and restaurants.

Blake's brother blames the death on the smoking ban stating, "It's a senseless murder because of this stupid cigarette law. That's the reason this guy was killed."

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#167771 - Sun Apr 13 2003 09:17 PM Re: Nightclub Death Blamed on New Smoking Ban
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As a smoker I don`t like the new law,we are seeing this law being enacted in more places in Australia.As a law abiding citizen if I`m asked to put my cigarette out when in a non-smoking establishment I do so.Blaming the law in this case is foolish and detracts from the fact that the overreaction of the gentlemen asked not to smoke is the reason this man died.The brother of the bouncer must be one hard core smoker himself if he can`t see this.
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#167772 - Mon Apr 14 2003 02:17 AM Re: Nightclub Death Blamed on New Smoking Ban
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Anyone capable of killing someone over an issue like this would quite easily have killed the bouncer if he didn't allow admission to the club because he had the wrong shoes on or checked out his girlfriend a bit too long. I hardly think you could blame the new law....

..... though...... the new anti smoking laws are getting extreme. With the filthy amount of money governments make from cig taxes you'd think they could subsidise smoking rooms if a club/bar wanted to provide that facility etc. I don't know what the answer is, but I think it's pretty harsh on the smoker at times..


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