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#167837 - Mon Apr 14 2003 12:24 PM Soldier finds his great grandpa's grave in Iraq
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One of the British soldiers has found his great grandfather's grave in Basra, he died in 1916 from dysentry caused by drinking contaminated water. The soldier says that it is ironic that he is currently distributing drinking water to the Iraqis when his great grandfather died of drinking dirty water.

Aparently the war cemetry is a disgrace and has been for some years.

BBC Online
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#167838 - Tue Apr 15 2003 02:50 AM Re: Soldier finds his great grandpa's grave in Iraq
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The cemetry is a disgrace?We Australians have to go alot of effort to stop France turning the grave sites of our war dead over there into airports.Just think what`s going to happen to them after Mr Howards latest comments about Frances position in the U.N.
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