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Retired English teacher Prudence Grant decided to clean out her filing cabinet last year after a lifetime of teaching at Lisbon High School in Lisbon Falls, Maine. In that filing cabinet she found copies of the high school newspaper dating from the mid-1960s. So what, you say? Two of them contained original short stories by a student named "Steve King." As in Stephen King. As in these are very likely the earliest published works of the best-selling author of spooky tales that leave you quaking in fear, such as "Carrie" and "The Shining."

The two stories in the yellowed high school newspaper were titled "The 43rd Dream" and "Code Name: Mousetrap." Realizing she had something special, Grant did what most folks would do: She sold the papers on eBay. They fetched between $400 and $800 per copy, reports The Associated Press.

So what was Steve King like when he was in high school? Grant told AP she never had him in class, but she was an adviser for the school newspaper, The Drum, which King wrote for. She remembers him as "a goofy guy who went on to do far, far, far better than any of us." AP also reports that Rocky Wood, who is one of the authors of the CD-ROM "The Complete Guide to the Works of Stephen King," has sent copies of the stories to Stephen King for verification that they are his. King is out of town, and his personal assistant said he hasn't yet looked at them.

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